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The golden age of Hollywood produced a string of glamorous leading ladies revered as much for their looks as their acting abilities.
Even many decades after they last appeared on the billboards names such as Jane Russell, Yvonne De Carlo and Barbara Payton conjure images of a special era.
Marilyn Monroe might be the best remembered ‘bombshell’ in the 21st Century but in her heyday she had some pretty stiff competition.
This collection of films brings together six stars of the silver screen in some of their best remembered roles.
Disc 1
Bride of the Gorilla (1951, dir. Curt Siodmak) 65mins
Outpost in Morocco (1949, dir. Robert Florey) 90mins
Disc 2
Hometown Story (1951, dir. Arthur Pierson) 61mins
Salome, Where She Danced (1945, dir. Charles Lamont) 86mins
Disc 3
Sundown (1941, dir. Henry Hathaway) 88mins
The Outlaw (1943, dir. Howard Hughes) 115mins

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